Fields of Application with Ceramic Materials

Numerous applications profit from the wide range of attributes of ceramic materials. Some well known attributes are:

  • high wear resistance
  • good corrosion resistance
  • high temperature stability
  • excellent electrical isolation

Beyond that there are attribute combinations such as:

  • electric conductivity and thermal isolation
  • thermal conductivity and electric isolation
  • extreme thermal shock resistance and high corrosion resistance
  • high flexural strenght and bio-inert behavior
  • chemical resistance and extreme hardness
  • porous structure and not wettable

Mechanical Engineering, Equipment Engineering, Mobility Engineering

Due to their specific material characteristics, ceramic components have earned a respected position in modern engineering. Often located in the most demanding sites of machinery, process equipment or crafts advanced ceramic components often contribute decisively to the performance of the product or process.

Application examples:

Mechanical Engineering
Equipment Engineering
Mobility Engineering

Probe for nuclear resonance spectrometer

Electrical Engineering, Energy Solutions, Sensor Technologies and Analytics

Advanced ceramic components are an essential part in many processes related to energy production, transformation and storage. Many problems in electrical engineering, sensor technology and analytics would persist without advanced ceramics. The diversity of applications in these fields led to the development of special ceramic materials with specific attributes.

Application examples:

Electrical Engineering
Energy Solutions
Sensor Technologies

Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Medical Engineering

Chemically inert ceramic materials are a prerequisite for long lasting components in chemical processing, many environmental engineering applications and biotechnology. Superior bio-inertness and biocompatibility predestine certain oxide ceramics as best suitable materials for implantable medical devices.

Application examples:

Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Medical Engineering