Advanced Ceramics for Industry and Life Sciences

HiPer Ceramics GmbH develops and produces advanced ceramics for industrial applications and the life sciences sector. Founded in 1994 in the capital region of Berlin our company is specialised in production of customized components and assemblies from various advanced ceramic materials.

State-of-the-art production facilities, a comprehensive quality management approach and constant striving for innovation is the rationale for our customers to choose HiPer Ceramics as flexible and efficient solution provider for challenging projects.

HiPer Ceramics GmbH is part of the HiPer Group, alike its sister enterprises HiPer Medical AG and Zellwerk  GmbH.

Experience plus Research

Every day more than 80 specialists commit their process and material competence to development and production of advanced ceramic materials. Interdisciplinary teams comprising of engineers and scientists undertake intensive research efforts for improvement and development of competitive moulding, shaping, sintering, grinding and finishing technologies. We are dedicated to provide our customers best possible services today and and in the future.

Dr. Hans Hoffmeister
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tel.: +49 3304 38399-0
Fax: +49 3304 38399-90